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The Green Guide is the most comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date guide to the market value of construction and material handling equipment manufactured during the past twenty years.


The values in Green Guide are derived from an extensive reporting system comprising equipment dealers and distributors, manufacturers, auctioneers, and contractors. The information received by Equipmentwatch is analyzed by its own professional staff using the most up-to-date computerized methods. For the most part the values presented in Green Guide represent a compilation and averaging of actual sales. When there is insufficient transaction data on any particular model, analysts may utilize various modeling techniques in order to determine equipment values. These modeling techniques include a comparative analysis of models and manufacturers, an historical analysis of resale and quicksale ratios, and a standard economic analysis including such factors as inflation and depreciation rates, current replacement costs, average life of equipment, supply and demand, and current construction industry activity.

There are a significant number of factors that can affect the value for a piece of used equipment. Most importantly, the manufacturer or brand, model, configuration including any attachments, and overall mechanical condition including remaining life expectancy have greatest impact on value. Other factors such as the application and demand for the equipment¿s intended function, economic climate, the previous owner¿s maintenance practices and supporting records, previous operating environments, governmental regulations impacting equipment, and overall appearance also have an bearing on the current market value.

The values presented in Green Guide represent a nationwide average for equipment in average working condition. Any dollar amount shown must, therefore, be adjusted to fit the mechanical condition of a specific unit. Market conditions also have a bearing on the value of equipment and can vary in different areas. Where sufficient data exists, a percentage change (plus or minus) from average values for a specific state can be applied. Care must likewise be taken not to confuse or compare the values shown in Green Guide with those obtained using specialized accelerated accounting formulas such as double declining balance depreciation. Such formulas are for accounting and taxation purposes and do not reflect actual market value of equipment.

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