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The Rental Rate Blue Book is a comprehensive guide to cost recovery for construction equipment.  The data is organized by equipment manufacturer and model into three “volumes” based on the year each model was discontinued.

  • Volume 1 includes models currently being manufactured or that have been discontinued within the last 5 years
  • Volume 2 includes models that have been discontinued between 6 and 10 years ago
  • Volume 3 includes models that have been discontinued between 11 and 20 years ago

Rates listed in the Rental Rate Blue Book are intended as a guide to determine the amount an equipment owner should charge in order to recover equipment-related ownership and operating costs.  These rates are derived from cost formulas and factors developed from field research and from analytic methods used in the construction industry.  Generally, these methods include both direct and indirect costs and consider such operating variables as annual use hours, maintenance and overhaul costs, as well as unit price information such as fuel prices, labor rates, and the cost of money.  Profit, project overhead, and general company overhead costs such as office facilities and supplies are not included in the rates shown. (Please see detailed cost explanations located elsewhere within this User Guide)

This on-line cost recovery information is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. While all efforts have been made to assure total accuracy, the variable nature of the information and informational sources precludes any warranties of specific accuracy in any specific instance.

The term "rental" does not refer to third-party contracts for the use of equipment and as such, rates are not a tabulation of rates being charged by third party rental companies.  Only by coincidence would RRBB rates match those charged by rental companies.

FHWA - (Federal Highway Administration) has approved the use of Rental Rate Blue Book on federally funded projects. The most common application is in force account work and for federally funded projects. FHWA has limited their participation in matching funds with state highway agencies (using Rental Rate Blue Book) to the monthly rate divided by 176 (hours/month) plus the hourly operating cost. Additionally, FHWA states that the rates must also be adjusted for age and geographic region. Therefore, the "FHWA" rate in the Blue Book represents monthly rate/176 x Age Adjustments x Regional Adjustments plus hourly operating cost. User defined adjustments are also included in the FHWA rate shown.


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